Jenaer Gewindetechnik GmbH

We have the unique DNA for linear and rotary drive solutions.

Jenaer Gewindetechnik GmbH has been developing, producing and selling ball screw drives and precision gears in
Jena since 1970 and can therefore draw on many years of experience.

JenaTec supplies its products to the general mechanical engineering sector, in particular machine tool construction, the semiconductor industry, electromechanical lifting cylinders, the optical and medical industries as well as many other branches of industry with demanding tasks.

Kuroda Jena Tec is a leading company in the development, manufacture and supply of linear and rotary drive products and also offers related services.


With its extensive experience in ball screws and linear drive components, Kuroda Jena Tec is always one step ahead of the competition. High quality, competitive pricing, good delivery and excellent customer service are our goal. Kuroda Jena Tec has state of the art manufacturing facilities in the USA, UK, Germany and Japan and exports products worldwide through numerous sales offices. Our distribution network actively supports our existing and growing customer base.



Technology for demanding applications

Machine tool construction of general mechanical engineering

Threaded spindles and ball screws enable the precise positioning of tools and components, allowing high-precision machining and movements in machine tools. Threading technology therefore plays a decisive role in ensuring the required precision of cutting machines.



More Information

Medical technology and pharmaceutical industry

Products for the medical technology and pharmaceutical industries require high-precision production equipment, material compatibility and cleanliness, which are prerequisites for the specific components in their application. They play a decisive role in increasing the performance, miniaturization and service life of devices.


High-precision semiconductor industry

Products for the semiconductor industry include high-precision manufacturing equipment and materials required for the production of microchips and electronic components. They play a crucial role in increasing the performance and miniaturization of semiconductor devices.


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