Kuroda a global success story


January 1925

Kuroda Gauge Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was founded by Saburo Kuroda for manufacture and sale of all types of gauges.

March 1935

The production and distribution of block gauges started.

November 1935

The company was reorganized into a limited partnership company (capital: 200,000 yen)


Founder Saburo KURODA



Onuki Laboratory, the predecessor of Futtsu Factory, was established.


January 1943

The company was reorganized into a stock company (capital: 980,000 yen).

September 1946

Production and sale of press tools.

April 1949

The present company was established through investment in kind from the old company (capital: 4.6 million yen).

Early press tool


First Surface Grinding Machine


April 1953

Production and sales of surface grinding machines started.

November 1955

The plants obtained the approval for displaying the JIS mark for thread gauges.

April 1957

The company obtained the approval from the American Petroleum Institute for using its official mark on reference master gauge for API Std. 5A and Std. 5L threads.

September 1961

Production and sales of pneumatic equipments started.

October 1961

Listed on the second section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange (Capital: 250 million yen).


December 1961

Nagano Plant was completed.

December 1962

Production and sales of ball screws started.

June 1965

The corporation name was changed from Kuroda Gauge Manufacturing Co., Ltd. toKuroda Precision Industries, Ltd.

Machine tools lines at time of new construction


April 1966

The head office transferred to Kita-senzoku Kamata, Ota ward.

September 1970

Asahi Plant was completed.

April 1976

The head office transferred to Shimohirama, Saiwai-ward, Kawasaki-city.


Production and sales of laminated precision press tools "FASTEC®" started.

December 1980

Capitalization increased to 850 million yen.


April 1981

Capitalization increased to 935 million yen.


April 1985

Production and distribution of CNC formation surface grinders started.


February 1986

Establishment of a liaison office in Chicago (USA) as an overseas operation point.


May 1987

Production and sale of the "Super Polishing Machine" an ultla-precision mirror surface processor started.


April 1989

Production and sale of rolled ball screws started.


July 1991

Production and sale of "NANOMETRO®" a surface configuration measuring device started.


November 1994

Production and sales of precision forming surface grinding machine "GS-515E" started.


December 1996

Kuroda Precision Industries Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. was established as a joint venture in Malaysia with Kawasho Corporation and KSPC Co. (Now a consolidated subsidiary.)


April 1998

Construction of a new rolled ball screw factory within the Asahi Plant.


January 1999

Production and sales of "ECOSAVER®" a minimal quantity lubrication system for semi-dry processing started.


May 1999

Business and capital tieup was conducted with Parker Hannifin Corporation (USA).


July 1999

Capitalization increased to 1,875 million yen.


March 2000

Construction of the 7th factory at the Asahi Plant.


March 2001

Construction of the 6th factory (PE factory) at the Nagano Plant.


April 2001

Construction of a new factory at the Futtsu Plant for production of ball screws.


November 2001

Kuroda Precision Industries Pinghu Co., Ltd. was established as a joint venture in Pinghu City, Zhejiang, China with Kawasho Corporation and Jiangsu Kawaden Steel Products Co., Ltd. (Now a consolidated subsidiary.)


October 2003

The pneumatic equipment business was split-up and Kuroda Pneumatics Ltd. was established.


November 2005

Production and sale of motor core for hybrid vehicle started.





December 2005

The production and sale of the NANOMETRO® FTT1500 series, a configuration measuring system for large photo-mask substrates for flat panel display started.


March 2006

70% of Kuroda Pneumatics' issued shares were transferred to Parker Hannifin Corporation (USA).



November 2006

Production and sale " Next generation artisan GS45 series " - a new series of precision surface grinding machine started.






August 2008

Kazusa Akademia Plant was completed.


April 2010

Kuroda Precision Industries Korea Co.Ltd was established (Now a consolidated subsidiary).

November 2012

100% of the shares of Avingtrans Industrial Products Ltd. (UK) were acquired and the company became a subsidiary.




July 2013

The common brand of drive related equipments and spindle products KURODA JENA TEC was launched and started sales.


July 2013

The head office transferred to Horikawa-cho, Saiwai-ward , Kawasaki-city.


January 2014

- Business tieup was conducted with the Euro Group (Italy), and the joint venture of Eurotranciatura U.S.A. LLC was established in Tennessee (USA).
- The universal tooling business was transferred to Century Trading Corporation (Taiwan), and the joint venture Winwell Japan Co.Ltd. was established


May 2014

Kuroda Jena Tec Trading Pinghu Co., Ltd. was established as sales company in Pinghu City, Zhejiang, China.